The Selected Poems of WB8s, 2016


On the afternoon of October 24th 1917, four days after her marriage to W.B. Yeats, Georgie Hyde-Lees surprised her husband with an automatic writing session. In a letter to Ezra Pound, Yeats exclaimed, “What came in disjointed sentences, in almost illegible writing, was so exciting, sometimes so profound, that I persuaded her to give an hour or two day after day to the unknown writer(…)”. Selected Poems of WB8's channels Yeats’s poems through another unknown writer, YouTube, by transcribing the automated closed captions generated by the reading of Yeats’s verse. For Yeats scholars with the hindsight of historical journals and correspondence it seems likely that Georgie began “channeling” the spirits to halt her husbands pining for another woman. The Selected Poems of WB8's considers motivation and bias of a corporate entity revealed through the slips in algorithmic translation.